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Pool Table/Billiards Fondant Cake

I made this cake for my husband’s birthday party. He loves biliards and he is a good player too. So I wanted to surprise him with this cake. We threw him a surprise birthday party and he was totally surprised and was really excited seeing this cake. This is the first time I tried making fondant cake and it came out pretty good. Everyone loved it.

One of my biggest inspirations for making this cake is a good friend Krupa Golla. She made poker cake and I was totally impressed with that and since then I wanted to try this cake. I also made another gift wrap cake for a good friend Murali and he loved it too.

Since I made this cake for a surprise I didn’t get a chance to take step by step pics. But I’ll post the step by step pics of other fondant cakes soon. And we will also post fondant techniques soon.
I’ve made so many types of cakes before but it was real fun to make fondant character cakes.

Ingredients to make the cake:

  • Chocoalte Readymade Cake mix : 2 boxes (You can also make choc0late cake from scratch)
  • Gel Colors : Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange and Black
  • Readymade Fondant mix : 1 Box (I’ve used Duff Fondant) or Marshmallow fondant (see recipe below)
  • Gum Paste : (mix fondant and gum paste equally to make characters)
  • Fondant Rolling Pin
  • Fondant smoother
  • Base Board : To arrange cake
  • Pirouette sticks : 2
  • Butter Cream Frosting : 3 cups (for spreading)

To make Butter Cream Frosting:

  • Confectioners’ sugar :3 cups
  • Unsalted Butter : 1 cup or 1 stick (Bring it to room temp)
  • Salt : 1/4 tsp
  • Vanilla Extract : 1 tsp

Method Of Directions:

  1. Just bring the butter to room temp or Warm it in microwave for 10-15 secs to get room temp consistency (don’t make it liquid).
  2. Now add confectioners sugar, vanilla extract, salt and whipping cream into it.
  3. Gently fold it with a spatula for 2 minutes.
  4. Now using a standing mixer or hand electric mixer whisk the mixture on low speed and then increase the speed to medium and beat for another 3 -4 minutes.
  5. Stop beating once you will get the spreading consistency.

To Make Marshmallow Fondant :


  • Mini – Marshmallows : 16 ounces bag or 4 cups
  • Confectioner sugar : 4 cups
  • Water : 2 tbsp
  • Any Food coloring (optional if you want to make color fondant)
  • Crisco Vegetable shortening
Method Of Preparation:
  1. Place the marshmallows in a wide microwave bowl and add 2 tbsp of  water into it.
  2. Now put the bowl in the microwave and heat it for approx. 2 mins. Take out the marshmallow every 30 secs and stir it gently.
  3. After 2 mins take out the marshmallow stir it until they get smooth. Now if you want coloring  you can add your chosen food color/cocoa powder.
  4. Note : If you are making color fondant, color the mixture a bit stronger than desired. You can always make the color lighter afterwards by mixing it with powdered Sugar at the final step.
  5. Now add half of the powdered sugar into the marshmallow mixture.
  6. Stir it gently and pour the remaining powdered sugar on a very clean greased surface (kitchen countertop).
  7. Note :  In a flat surface (kitchen countertop) apply coating of vegetable shortening on the surface, so that marshmallow won’t stick on to the surface and it will be easy for kneading.
  8. Pour the marshmallow mixture from step 5 on your powdered sugar pile.
  9. Knead(grease your hand with shortening to avoid sticking) it gently until the dough becomes smooth and all powdered sugar is mixed well with marshmallow.
  10. When you see a smooth elastic consistency you know the fondant is ready.
  11. If the dough breaks when stretched that means you’ve added more sugar so add little bit of water and keep kneading until you get smooth elastic consistency.
  12. Once it’s done wrap it tightly with plastic wrap or put it in a Ziploc bag.

Method Of Preparing Cake:

  1. Take 2 cake mixes(I’ve used chocolate cake) of your choice, and bake 2 layers of 9×13″ cake.
  2. Now Stack the cakes together and fill with buttercream icing.
  3. You will need 9 cups of buttercream for icing and filling the cake.
  4. Now you need colored fondant, you can either use readymade fondant and color it or make marshmallow fondant and color it.
  5. You need to make a batch of each color for the pool balls. Roll the balls about 2″ in diameter.
  6. The striped balls are made out of white fondant with color fondant strips (use the same colored fondant for solid color balls)on them.
  7. The solid balls have white fondant circles on them and the numbers are written out of edible pen.
  8. The pool sticks are made out of Pirouette and wrapped in fondant.
  9. Make six circles out of black fondant and gently press it on the edges as shown in pic.
  10. The letters are made out of fondant. Use your creativity to arrange the pool table.

Note : We will soon post the technique of rolling fondant, arranging fondant over cake and making marshmallow fondant.


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