Authentic Recipes from the Kitchens of Shriya, Nithu & Arthi!


SpicyTasty is our humble attempt at finding and sharing some of our favourite delightful recipes from India and around the world. Here you will find a variety of Indian recipes and some international recipes. Our eclectic recipes are learnt from our family & friends.

How is SpicyTasty different?

We cook and take pictures of every recipe we share with you. No hand me downs. Every recipe on the site has been tested in of our kitchens.

I, having founded SpicyTasty, also run the KarshanMedia Blog Network. I am one of the authors of Spicytasty and very happy to bring my good friends Nithu and Arthi in this fun adventure. And hence was born in this world with a variety of recipes and lots of love.

I  live in East lansing, MI and have been wonderfully married to Karthik.

I’ve learnt so much in cooking after I’ve started SpicyTasty and it keeps me motivated to learn even more. With amazing support and encouragement from readers like you the fire in me to become a better cook is just growing larger.

Everyone would wish their name to be carved in stone in this world in someway or the other. Here is hoping that this blog will fulfill our wish…


  1. I was trying to find a recipe to use paneer; chilli paneer. Love the easy layout and look of this site. fantastic – glad I found it :)) Thanks from St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.

  2. The website is really awesome. Recipe is well written and the pics grab the attention! Keep rocking!!!

  3. Hi Shriya, Nithu and Arthi,

    Kudos to the Charlie’s angels ! Thank you for all the lovely, mouth watering recipes. If I’m not mistaken all the three of you are from Cuddalore right ? I’m from Pondicherry but moved to the US over a decade ago. Your recipes make me feel nostalgic. So far I’ve tried a few of your culinary creations and everything is unbelievably delicious. I’m a foodie and your recipes never seem to disappoint me and my family….never once ! I have a request for you. Would you be able to post the below given Pondicherry recipe requests of mine ?

    1. Okra/Brijal Pachadi – It’s a side that is sweet, tangy and spicy and is served with Biriyani.

    2. Assadu style fish kuzhambu – Generally Vanjaram or Vavva fish is used for this dish.

    3. Rava cake – catholic families in Pondicherry make it and it is served as an accompaniment for tea.

    I hope you could hunt down these recipes for me….please (making a puppy face….hahaha)

    There’s a lot of hard work that goes into maintaining a food blog. I truly appreciate all your hard work. Keep up the good work ladies ! Ciao.

  4. Hi friends lovely to see 3 girls joining together and doing a wonderful site.I am Janani a girl from south part of Indian.I right now reside in NY.This is my website do check whenever u can it will def make me very

  5. Hey……. Felt so nice when I found out 3 girls joining. Pls visit our website which we have started recently, when you are free. Proud of you and your website with such wonderful recipes!!

  6. Hi Shriya, do you have any recipes from Pondicherry please. My generations came from Pondicherry and I love to try some of these dishes.
    Thank You.

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