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How to Make Veggies Last Longer?

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It’s always a difficult job to keep the vegetables fresh and use it properly. Sometimes we forget about the  vegetables that are sitting in our fridge for a  long time.  To avoid this and make use of the vegetables properly, here are a few tips that I follow :

  • Green chilies : Don’t put the green chilies just like that in the fridge. To keep them fresh for a long time remove the stems and put it in a ziplock bag or in some storage box.
  • Carrots: Cover the carrots with a damp cloth and put it in fridge. It will be fresh for three weeks.
  • Cilantro : Cilantro has to be one of the common one to go bad before you get to use it all. To kep them fresh I store them in a salad container so the leaves don’t touch the water in the box. You can use the same tip for greens too.
  • Brocoli: When you buy brocoli look for dark green buds with no yellowish color. And store them in a airtight container or in a sealed bag and it will last upto a week. Dont use it more than a week.
  • cucumbers: Pick the ones that have no soft spots or visible bruises. It should be dark green and firm, So it will last longer in the fridge when you store it in the air tight bag. It will stay fresh upto 5 days.

When you are stocking vegetables in your refrigerator, make a list of them and stick it in your fridge door. That way when you are  trying  to make up your mind on what to cook you can quickly decide on what to use first and avoid wasting vegetables that go bad faster. Hope these tips are useful to you.

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