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Fortune Cooking Contest Nears Deadline – Last Chance to Enter

Fortune cooking contest is coming to an end. Don’t worry you still got two days (end date june 1) to enter and grab the 25$Beautiful jewel set sponsored by


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If you haven’t read about the contest, here is a gist of it:

We have matched different zodiac signs with different food items. All you have to do is pick a sign and prepare a dish. The sign you pick can be yours or your family member’s or friend’s or even your pet’s. You can also share the reason for selecting the particular zodiac sign and a few characteristics or information about the sign.The contest is open to all (for both bloggers and non-bloggers). Grab your zodiac sign we listed in that post and post your recipe with our link back and leave a comment in the contest post.

It’s easy right? We have 21 entries so far and your chances of winning one of these prizes is pretty good. So why waste time? Hurry up and get your entries in today.