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SpicyTasty’s Fortune Cooking Contest

Its been a week since we have posted any recipes. We have been busy planning for a contest that’s going to be fun and entertaining for the participants. Without any further adieu, we present

Fortune Cooking Contest!!

Almost every one of us are interested in Zodiac signs in one way or the other. Some of us read the daily horoscopes, some have the habit of reading about different signs and try to get better understanding about a person, and some look for the compatibility and the list goes on.

In an interesting twist, we have related cooking to Zodiac signs and come with a cool contest. Here is the meat of it (pun intended):

We have matched different zodiac signs with different food items. All you have to do is pick a sign and prepare a dish. The sign you pick can be yours or your family member’s or friend’s or even your pet’s. Trust me, we won’t ask to see the horoscope. 😉 You can also share the reason for selecting the particular zodiac sign and a few characteristics or information about the sign.

We have given a list of vegetables and non-vegetarian items for each and every sign. You will choose either the veggie or non-veggie corresponding to the sign you like and then submit your recipe(s) for a dish prepared with that item. From the recipe submissions, we will choose 2 entries as winners by random draw. Just keep your fingers crossed that the zodiac sign you have chosen favors you. 😛


  • The First prize will be a beautiful jewel set ($25 value) sponsored by – A Fashion in a Click. Will be shipped to wherever you are.

  • The Second Prize will be a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate sponsored by (shriya’s hubby)

We have made it very flexible so it is very easy for everyone to enter. However, we have set a few ground rules for the contest. Please make sure you read every one of them:

Rules of Fortune Cooking:

The contest is open to all (for both bloggers and non-bloggers).

  • Pick a zodiac sign and its corresponding food item listed in the above picture. Whip up a delicious dish with it.

If you have a blog/website

  • When you post the recipe(s) in your website/blog, please mention the event and the logo (you can copy the picture from here and resize it) along with a link back to this contest post.
  • After publishing your recipe, leave a comment in our event with a link to your posted recipe.
  • Only one entry per household please.
  • We will take the required information from your website without you sending an e-mail.

If you don’t have a blog/website

  • You can still participate in the contest. Just email your recipe to us to tastyspicy at gmail dot com with subject “ST’s Fortune Cooking Contest”.
  • In the body of the email include your name, city/country, the recipe with a title and pictures of your dish.
  • Only one entry per household please.
  • And also leave a comment in the event post so its easy for us to chose the winners in lucky draw.

Contest Deadline:

  • Contest ends on June 1, 2008 midnight Eastern Standard Time. Make sure you have your entries in before that. Winners will be announced on June 5th.
  • 2 winners will be chosen randomly by a lucky draw at
  • All contest entries will be featured in a special post with a picture, link to the blog post (if any) and the title of the recipe.
  • Winners will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen.

The whole point of this contest is to have fun and we would like you all to get in the fun. If you’d like spread the word to friend’s and family as the more entries we have the more exposure everyone will receive. Also, please take the time to visit our sponsors as they have been kind enough to sponsor the cool prizes.

Happy Fortune Cooking!


  1. Hi girls,

    Here is my entry for the contest:

    Thank you very much for conducting this interesting contest.

  2. Dear Shriya and Nithu,

    Here is my entry for Fortune Cooking Contest:

    Looking forward for the roundup!


  3. I have posted my entry and chose aries sign.this event is interesting and fun…

  4. Hey shriya,atlast i submitted my entry in the last moment. Here you go.

  5. Hi Nithu & Shriya,
    Here’s my contribution. Hope you find it all right. The link is

  6. Nithu and Shriya…Here comes my ver last minute entry..It was a real thrill to put mine here in this stack..thanks for the lovely contest.

    Here is the link:

  7. Hi Shriya,

    This is my entry to the Fortune Cooking Contest.
    Star sign: Sagittarius, Ingredient: Beef

    Post url:


  8. Hi Shriya,

    I dont know if my previous comment made it thru. So taking no chances. Here’s my entry to Fortune Cooking Contest.

  9. Hi… I have posted my recipe for the contest… may the best recipe win!!!! ;-)… he he

  10. Just posted my entry for the fortune Cooking contest.

    Thanks for the wonderful event.

  11. Here’s my last minute entry:

    Thanks for hosting the event!

  12. Hi Shriya (finally I know your name)

    I got an email that I have something waiting on your blog. Hmm.. couldn’t find it though!

  13. this sounds intresting count me in

  14. fortune cooking, that is a nice event


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