Authentic Recipes from the Kitchens of Shriya, Nithu & Arthi!

Foodie Rendezvous – 1

Food tastes its best when we enjoy it with others. In a blog all about food, what could be better than to showcase recipes from my fellow foodie bloggers?

We are going to bring a few recipes every week to the limelight here. We encourage you to visit their blogs and leave them a comment or two to show our appreciation for the effort they put into sharing their recipes with us.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s recipe roundup. We’ll see you soon with something new from our kitchen! 😛


  1. Thanks for listing my recipe, i am very pleased and happy inside :).
    Great work and a good collection of recipe round up.

  2. thanks shriya for including my recipe in the first series of foodie rendezvous.. each and every recipe are unique. good choices from your side.

  3. Thnks for appreciating and linking my recipe Shriya..So sweet of you 🙂

  4. Archana, you are welcome! I am big fan of your blog and love the recipes you post! Looking forward to more recipes from your kitchen. 😉
    lavi, thanks and glad you enjoyed it! I am hoping to make this a weekly roundup.
    Bharathy, cooking and blogging has something in common. Sharing the love, right? 😛 You are very welcome