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Bottle Gourd Koottu – Bottle Gourd Curry

This yet another recipe from my mother inlaw’s kitchen. I have never tried bottle gourd before and didn’t know it was so easy to cook. It’s very healthy and makes for a tasty side dish for chapathies and rice. Besides its healthy properties, there is a little known fun fact about this vegetable. Its dried and cored skin is used to make traditional musical instruments like Tambura and Veena. 🙂

I am sending this recipe to Pooja of My Creative ideas who is hosting   Vegetable of the Week ” – Bottle gourd Event

And I am submitting this recipe to Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons Who is hosting Curry Mela Event.

Thanks for reminding me srivalli.


  • Bottle Gourd : 1 no
  • Channa dal : 1/4 cup
  • Onion : 1/2
  • Tomato : 1
  • Water : 3/4 cup

For Seasoning :

  • Oil : 2 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds : 1tsp
  • Whole Red Chili : 2
  • Curry Leaves : 4

Method Of Preparation :

  1. Soak the channa dal for 15 minutes and after that pressure cook it with onion, tomato, 1/2 cup of water and a little salt for four whistles.
  2. After that remove it from heat and add the peeled and chopped Bottle Gourd into the above mixture and again pressure cook it for one whistle in medium heat.
  3. Then open the lid and let it simmer in  medium heat .
  4. Heat oil in a pan and add the seasonings. After the seeds sputter, put this seasonings in the above bottle gourd mixture.
  5. Boil the mixture till it becomes thick in consistency or until the water goes off and then remove from heat.

Serve this bottle gourd koottu hot with Aapam, rice or chapathi. 🙂

Bottle Gourd

Note :
If you are out of tomatoes and onions you can just do all the steps as mentioned above but add a spoon tamarind juice at the last boiling step.


  1. Today is Soraikai kootu day, including mine it is 3 recipe… Looks good and yummy!

  2. koottu looks delicious..i seldom cook bottle gourd in my kitchen,this one sounds great for a start!!

  3. kootu looks so nice. B.gourd galores!

  4. shriya, that looks so lovely…nice can send this to curry mela at my place too!

  5. kootu looks delicious Shriya . thank you for being apart of Vow Bottlegourd.

  6. Shriya this is looking wonderful. perfect entry :).

  7. Hi,If i don’t have pressure cooker how do I cook the channa dhal…can i just boil it?


  8. I came here through What´s For Lunch, Honey? I am hosting an event dedicated to trying foods from other bloggers. Meeta is in the spotlight for July. I really hope you can participate 🙂

  9. First time iam here nice blog …Nice recipes

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  12. I made it and liked it. Thank you.

  13. I always try to avoid to bring sorakai as my wife does’nt know to cook it deliciously. ‘Koottu’, well, it sounds nice. This time I’ll ask my wife to try this. One doubt, without chilli powder, how can it be swallowed for spicy lovers like me. Any remedy?

    • Hi , Actually I’ve added green chilies in it. So it ll give gud spicy level to the kootu.

  14. usually we bengalis have bottle gourd with rou macher matha(head) and it tastes damn good but your one too is truely tasty and very easy to cook ………….. looking forward for some more from u

  15. i really like this… i will try it…

    • only tadka chilly used otherwise no chilly?

    • only tadka chilly used otherwise no chilly?

  16. only tadka chilly used otherwise no chilly?