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2010 Sizzling Summer Contest Winners + Recipes RoundUp

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you, who participated in the Spicy Tasty Sizzling Summer Contest. We were thrilled by your response and loved all 82 Entries we’ve received for the contest.

Even though we are announcing just two winners we appreciated every recipe you all shared with us. It’s time to announce the winners.

Drum rolls please!!!!!!!

Sizzling Summer Photo Contest Winner

We hope you had a fun week voting in the photo contest watching different recipes stay at different spots.

It was a close race in the photo contest voting and we are happy to announce that “Yummy Team’s Fried Ice Cream” Photograph won the contest with 221 votes, with just a difference of 5 votes over Hari Chandana’s “Tomato Flavored Sago Papad” Photograph.

Thank you everyone for voting!

"Fried Ice Cream" by Yummmy Team

Congratulations Yummy Team!!!!! We will contact you shortly via email.

Sizzling Summer Recipe Contest Winner

We were simply amazed at the response we received for this event. We got 32 entries in our last summer contest and this time around we got 82 recipes entered! That was incredible!

We picked a random number from the 82 recipes we received for this event and the lucky number belonged to Angie who submitted “Blueberry (Ice Cream) Banana Streusel Muffins” .

Congratulations Angie!!!!! We will contact you shortly via email.

Sizzling Summer Contest Round Up ( 82 Recipes Entered)

Ever recipe entry we’ve received from you was so wonderful that we’ve listed every one of them here with pictures as well as the authors photo if provided.

Thank you for making this event a huge success. We are planning to host ST’s Sizzling Summer Contest as an yearly event.

Enjoy looking through these recipes and photographs.

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  1. Ashwanth  submitted his Sparkling punch recipe.

    Take a 3 gallon vessel.
    Add 4 bottles(1 litre bottles) of Sparkling water.
    Add 4 20 0z Sierra Mist
    Add 2 Pitchers of Apple Juice (1 pitcher=0.65 litres)
    Mix it well and add ice.
    Party with 3 gallons of sparkling punch.

  2. Akheela Hisham of Torviewtoronto submitted her  cantoloupe juice recipe


  3. Angie of Angie’s Recipes Submitted her Blueberry (Ice Cream) Banana Streusel Muffins recipe.
  4. ssc3- Blueberry (Ice Cream) Banana Streusel Muffins

  5. samyukta gour(bayes) of CreativeSanyuktha submitted her Go Green with Chicken.
  6. SSC4-Go Green with Chicken

  7. Vrinda Mahesh of Reciperoll submitted her Chocolate Profiteroles
  8. SSC5-chocolate profitroles

  9. Noelle Kelly of Amelielife submitted her POMtastic Mint Martini recipe.
  10. SSC6-Author

    SSC6-Pomtastic Mint Martini

  11. Noelle Kelly of Amelielife submitted her second entry Spanish Gazpacho Soup in the RAW with Broiled “Cheese” Toast.
  12. SSC6-Author

    SSC7-Spanish Gazpacho Soup in the RAW with Broiled "Cheese" Toast

  13. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal of MharorajasthanRecipes submitted her Badam – Saunf – Shahad Thandai (Almonds – Fennel Seeds – Honey Milkshake) Recipe.


  14. Cool Lassi(e) of pangravyKadai Submitted her Traffic Light Smoothie recipe.


  15. Aruna of EnsamayalKuripigal Submitted her Saudi Champagne recipe.


  16. Akheela Hisham of TorviewToronto Submitted her Kebab skewers with fruit, meat and vegetable

    SSC11-Kebab Skewers

  17. Az of Desizayeka submitted her Chikoo Milkshake recipe.



  18. Nayna of Simplysensational submitted her Milkshake recipe.



  19. Krishnaveni Mahesh of Infoveni submitted her Tomato – Cucumber Aspic Salad recipe.

    SSC14-cucumber Aspic salad

  20. Nandini of Ushanandini submitted her Avocado Mango Smoothie recipe.


  21. samyukta gour(bayes) of Creative samyuktha submitted her Kiwi Summer Salad with sweet n sour kiwi dressing recipe.

    SSC16-Kiwi summer salad

  22. Rose of Magpierecipes submitted her Red Velvet Cupcakes recipe.



  23. Deepti of Dipskitchen submitted her Mixed Fruit Smoothie recipe.

    SSC18-Mixed Fruit Smoothie

  24. Reeni a.k.a. Cinnamon-Girl of Cinnamon spice and Everything nice submitted her Avocado Feta Salsa with Marinated Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Skewers


  25. Rose of magpierecipes submitted her Berry Banana Frozen Yogurt


    SSc20-Berry Frozen Yogurt

  26. .Swathi of Kitchenswathi submitted her Burmese baked eggplant salad/khayan dhi pope thote


  27. Hari chandana of Indian cuisine submitted her Tomato Flavoured Sago Papad recipe.

    SSC22-Tomato Papad

  28. Hari Chandana of Indian Cuisine submitted her second entry Onion Papads recipe.


  29. Krishnaveni Mahesh of Infoveni submitted her second entry Bibingka Cassava recipe.

    SSC24-Bibingka cassava

  30. Karunya of Myrecipesnmore submitted her Watermelon milkshake recipe

    SSC25-watermelon Milkshake

  31. Nisha of MyKitchenantics submitted her Raspberry pound cake drizzled with a berry compote

    SSC26-raspberry Pound Cake

  32. Sayantani of Homemakers Diary Submitted her Chilled Pasta Salad recipe.


  33. Sayantani of Homemakers Diary submitted her Mango Kulfi recipe.


  34. Kairali Sisters of Cookingwithkairalisisters has submitted Tripple Strawberry Dessert.
    SSC29-Triple strawberry
  35. Karunya of myrecipesnmore has submitted Strawberry Smoothie.
    SSC30- Strawberry smoothie
  36. Adukala vishesham of Adukalavishesham has submitted Italian Chocolate Salami.
    SSC31- author
  37. SSC31- Italian Chocolate Salami

  38. Maya and Lakshmi of yummyoyummy has submitted Fried Icecream.
    SSC32- Fried Icecream
  39. Gouri Guha of gouriguhas has submitted Green Mango Panna.
    SSC33- author
    SSC33- Green Mango panna
  40. Food Zone of foodzone-foodzone has submitted Orzo Salad.SSC34- Orzo salad
  41. Bharathy of spicychilly has submitted Tiramisu cake.
    SSC35- Sweet punch Tiramisu
  42. Rachana of rachanakothari has submitted Caramelized Cherry Rice.
    SSC36- Caramelised cherry rice
  43. Kairali sisters of cookingwithkairalisisters has submitted Choco Banana Milkshake.
    SSC37- Banana milkshake
  44. Nayna Kanabar of simplysensationalfood has submitted Strawberry Ice cream.
    SSC38- Strawberry icecream
  45. Nayna Kanabar of simplysensationalfood has submitted Mango Mousse.
    SSC39- Mango mousse
  46. Preethi Moraes of preethiskitchensurprises has submitted Grilled Steak with stuffed mushrooms & Mixed Veggies.
    SSC40- Grilled Steak
  47. Preethi Moraes of preethiskitchensurprises has submitted Stir Fried Shrimps in white wine.
    SSC41- Stir fried shrimp
  48. Jaleela Kamal of allinalljaleela has submitted Rich Fruit Faloda.
    SSC42- Fruit Faloda
  49. Jaleela Kamal of allinalljaleela has submitted Truity Fruity with Banana Custard.
    SSC43- Truity fruity
  50. Swathi of kitchenswathi has submitted Triple Berries and Mango Smoothie.
    SSC44- Berry mango smoothie
  51. Panchpakwan of panchpakwan has submitted Avocado Dip.
    SSC45- Avocado dip
  52. Menaga of sashiga has submitted Mango Icecream.
    SSC46- author
    SSC46- Mango icecream
  53. Menaga of sashiga has submitted Melon Salad.
    SSC46- author
    SSC47- melon salad
  54. Rachana of rachanakothari has submitted Strawberry Ginger Crepes.
    SSC48- strawberry ginger crepes
  55. Jay of tastyappetite has submitted Mango Smoothie.
    SSC49- author
    SSC49- Mango smoothie
  56. Richa of richaskitchen has submitted Strawberry Milkshake.
    SSC50- Strawberry milkshake
  57. Pavithra of dishesfrommykitchen has submitted Zesty Avocado Sherbet.
    SSC51- avocado sherbet
  58. Kiran of kiranjay has submitted Avocado-Coconut Vegan IceCream.
    SSC52- Avocado-Coconut IceCream
  59. Pavithra of dishesfrommykitchen has submitted Frozen Choco Banana Popsicles.
    SSC53- choco banana popsicle
  60. Padhu of padhuskitchen has submitted Papaya Smoothie.
    SSC54- papaya smoothie
  61. Madhuri of marecipes has submitted Watermelon Punch with dash of Orange & Sweet Lemon – Non Alcoholic.
    SSC55- watermelon punch
  62. Madhuri of MaRecipes submitted her Poppy seeds and Cashewnuts Halwa recipe.

    SSC56 - Poppy seeds and Cashewnuts Halwa

  63. Richa of Richa’s Kitchen submitted her Vegetable Cooler recipe.

    SSC57 - Vegetable cooler

  64. Priti of Indian Khanna submitted her Aamkhand recipe.

    SSC58 - Aamkhand

  65. Jagruti of Joy of Cooking submitted her Mavadaar Rose and Coconut Kulfi recipe.

    SSC59 - Mavadaar Rose and Coconut Kulfi

  66. Umm Mymoonah of Taste of pearl city submitted her Cherry milkshake recipe.

    SSC60A - Author

    SSC60 - Cherry Milkshake

  67. Deepa of Hamaree rasoi submitted her Grilled bread rings recipe.

    SSC73A - Author

    SSC61 - Grilled Bread Rings

  68. Nandhini of Ushanandhini submitted her Mango phirni recipe.

    SSC62 - Mango Phirni

  69. Panchpakwan of panchpakwan submitted her Mango lasii recipe.

    SSC63 - Mango Lasii

  70. Valarmathi of Simple and yummy recipes submitted her Spiced Buttermilk recipe.

    SSC64A - Author

    SSC64 - Spiced Buttermilk

  71. Nithu Bala of Nithu’s Kitchen submitted her A Healthy Breakfast Icecream recipe.

    SSC65A - Author

    SSC65 - A Healthy Breakfast Ice Cream

  72. Swapna of Simple Vegetarian Rescipes submitted her Peach Watermelon Smoothie recipe.

    SSC66 - Peach watermelon smoothie

  73. Chinchu Ann Varghese of Easy Aussie Indian Cooking submitted her Aussie carrot meat pie recipe.

    SSC67A - Author

    SSC67 - Aussie carrot meat pie

  74. Chinchu Ann Varghese of Easy Aussie Indian cooking submitted her Lettuce Cup recipe.

    SSC68A - Author

    SSC68 - Lettuce cup

  75. Amrita of Rannaghor Theke submitted her Pineapple Lychee Smoothie recipe.

    SSC69 - Pineapple Lychee Smoothie

  76. Priya of priya easy n tasty recipes submitted her Strawberry-Yogurt-Pops recipe.

    SSC70 - Strawberry-Yogurt-Pops

  77. Priya of priya easy n tasty recipes submitted her Gazpacho-spanish-cold-tomato-soup recipe.

    SSC71 - Gazpacho-spanish-cold-tomato-soup

  78. Vaneesa of Sweet Artichoke submitted her Strawberry tart with a green lime twist recipe.

    SSC72 - Strawberry tart with a green lime twist

  79. Deepa of Hamaree Rasoi submitted her Mango Delight: Mango Sauce with Vanilla Ice-Cream recipe.

    SSC73A - Author

    SSC73 - Mango Delight: Mango Sauce with Vanilla Ice-Cream

  80. Muskaan of A2Z Vegetarian Cusine submitted her Mixed Berries in Zesty Greek Yogurt recipe.

    SSC74 - Mixed Berries in Zesty Greek Yogurt

  81. Sweety submitted her Summer Smoothie Kulfi recipe.
    Strawberry-Banana flavor:

    • Strawberries – 6-7 nos
    • Banana – Half of 1 banana
    • Sugar
    • Milk

    Grind all the above ingredients to get the strawberry banana flavor.
    Mango flavor:

    • Ripe Mango – 1 no
    • Milk
    • Sugar


    1. Grind 3-4 slices of mango and all the rest of the above ingredients to get a smooth mango smoothie.
    2. Procedure to assemble the kulfi
    3. Fill the moulds halfway with the strawberry-banana smoothie.
    4. Freeze the kulfi mould.
    5. Then fill the mould till it is full, with the mango smoothie and freeze it again.
    6. Your multicolored summer smoothie kulfi is ready to be served.
    7. I filled half of the moulds like this and the remaining half of them with mango smoothie first and then with strawberry-banana smoothie just for a variation of color.

    Since we are freezing the smoothies add more sugar than usual.

    SSC75 - Summer smoothie kulfi

  82. Sangeetha Jagan of Sangi’s Food World submitted her Mango-carrot-badam-halwa recipe.

    SSC76 - Mango-carrot-badam-halwa

  83. Vaneesa of Sweet Artichoke submitted her Avocado & mango salad recipe.

    SSC77 - Avocado & Mango salad

  84. Umm Mymoonah of Taste of pearl city submitted her Golden peach recipe.

    SSC60A - Author

    SSC78 - Golden peach

  85. Denise of Oh Taste N See submitted her Rosemary Watermelon Cocktail / Mocktail recipe.

    SSC79-Rosemary Watermelon Cocktail / Mocktail

  86. Denise of Oh Taste N See submitted her Grilled Corn and Mango Salad in Cucumber Boats/Cups recipe.

    SSC80-Grilled Corn & Mango salad in Cucumber Boats/Cups

  87. Cool Lassi(e) of pan gravy kadai curry submitted her Raspberry Rose Pots De Creme recipe.


    SSC81-Raspberry Rose Pots De Creme

  88. Viswa of cumin coriander cardamom submitted her Grilled onion and carrot chutney recipe.

    SSC82-Grilled onion and carrot chutney


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