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10 Healthy Cooking Tips For You…

  • To preserve the nutrients and colors in the veggies, initially steam cook them and then fry with little oil till it is completely cooked.
  • Use your time and your freezer wisely. When you cook once, make it last longer by preparing enough for several other meals. Freeze it and have a ready-made healthy treat for the next time you are simply too tired to bother.
  • When browning vegetables, add them in a hot pan with little oil and then spray some on top of the vegetables. This way you can avoid using excess oil.
  • Use fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned and pickled vegetables which usually have a high sodium content.
  • Generally cheese has more salt content. Try to avoid them or choose the one will with less sodium.
  • Use herbs, spices, lemon juice, citrus zest or hot chilies to add flavor and to reduce the amount of salt.
  • Always try to grill, steam, microwave your vegetables instead of frying them with excess oil.
  • Any cooking that benifits from slow gentle cooking works well.Use less oil and cook over low flame. This is applicable for any of your recipe which involves more oil such as vegetable fry or curry. This might take time but it is worth spending.
  • Add smoothies to your diet. Throw whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have handy into your blender with ice and either juice, soy or yogurt. You can get your recommended dairy fruit intake in one delicious glass.
  • Include more stir-fry recipes in your diet. Stir-fried vegetables are cooked quickly to retain their crunch and associated nutrients.


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