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Aapam – Rice Pancakes Recipe

Aapam is another one of those unique south Indian breakfast dishes. It will come under the same family of “Dosas” except aapam will have a thick spongy center and thin and crispy edges. It’s usually made in a special “Aapam pan/Kadai”. You might find this in the breakfast section of a south Indian restaurant menu.

Aapam is my husband’s favorite breakfast of all time. He kept asking me to make this for a long time. But as with many other dishes, I thought this is hard to make. After my mother-in-law showed me once, I found out it isn’t that hard to make. You will find out why in a minute.

“Wish you all a Happy Independence Day”


  • Parboiled Rice : 1cup
  • Raw rice : 1 cup
  • Urad dal : 1/4 cup
  • Fenugreek seeds : 2 tsp
  • Coconut Milk : 1 cup
  • Salt : 1/4 tsp
  • Baking soda : 1/4 tsp

For coconut milk:

  • Fresh coconut chunks : 1 cup
  • Water : 2 cups
  • Sugar : 3 tbsp
  • Cardamom : 3

Method of Preparation:

Preparing Batter :

  1. Soak the raw rice, parboiled rice and fenugreek seeds for 5-7 hours.
  2. Then soak the urad dal for two hours separately.
  3. After that grind the dal into a smooth paste and keep them aside.
  4. Now grind both the rice together into a smooth paste ( make sure it’s not coarse).
  5. Then mix the rice and dal together and add a little salt and allow it to ferment (Just leave it overnight or 8 to 10 hrs should be good to ferment).
  6. When its ready add a little baking soda into the batter, salt  and a half cup of coconut milk mix it well (The consistency of the batter should be thin not too thick )
  7. If you have an Aapam pan,  pour a ladle of batter and just swirl it in clockwise direction (if you are right handed) so it spreads evenly around the pan.
  8. Then just close it with a lid and let it stand in simmer heat for 2 mins.
  9. After that remove the lid and scrape the sides of the kadai on all sides with a flat spatula. The Aappam comes out like a lacey cup with a slightly thick center  with small holes around. (as seen in the pic)
  10. Now its ready to serve with coconut milk or kootu or even vegetable korma.

Preparing coconut milk:

  1. Cut the fresh coconut chunks into small pieces.
  2. And grind them nicely by adding little water in to it.
  3. When its done filter the pulp by thin muslin cloth or you can use regular filter.
  4. Take the remaining coconut pulp and grind them again  by adding  1/2 cup of  water.
  5. Repeat the step 3 again.
  6. And try to do this process  3 to 4 times so that all the milk comes out of coconut.
  7. Now add 2 tsp of pressed cardamom and 3 tbsp sugar ( according to your sweet level ) into the coconut milk.

Serve hot aapam with coconut milk or Bottle gaurd kootu or any side-dish that you prefer 🙂


If you don’t have an aapam pan you can use the regular kadai or dosa pan but it comes out the best in a round bottomed pan.


  1. I love APPAM like anything… I had them first time after my marriage at my Hubby’s place, Kerala. Ohh they are so so good. And best with Chicken curry….
    So good to see a post on appam… Keep posting goodie goodie items… 🙂

  2. Appam always makes me very nostalgic… I’ve never made it from scratch though 🙂 Great job Shriya…

  3. this looks truly gorgeous. thanks for the recipe.

  4. It is always interesting and enlightening to learn about the nuances of dishes such as this one.

    Happy Independence!

  5. Aapam looks Yumm..I love this dish..

  6. Appam looks so spongy..Nice Step by step recipe shriya.

  7. Aapam looking very gud and nice…I want to make aapam…and your recipe looks just gud..can try some day

  8. thanks for the recipe as u see i have been searching for aapam maker for last 10 years but could not find one as in this part of india u will not find it in hotels or commercially.i was addicted to aapams when i stayed in tamil nadu from 1990 to 94. since then i have not had one. thanks a lot!

  9. i had appam today for dinner with sweet orange chutney powder,..don knw how to amke,,,will try ur recipe soon,,,,thanks alot for recipe,,,lookin at pic,..i feel like eating again,,,:-)

  10. Never tried aapam with chicken curry . Thanks for your nice comment vijayata.
    Thanks for your lovely comments sig. I always thought the same but its very easy to make. If you try this let me know.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment here bee.
    Thanks for your comments deviyani, priti, lavi, and paaru.
    Thanks for stopping by cynthia and your wonderful comment.
    I am really glad that you liked it and let me know if you tried this recipe samar.
    Thanks noteyet, and do let me know know if you try this one.

  11. Appam..yumm..and coconut milk combo rocks 🙂

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