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Puttu – Steamed Rice Flour Cake


Puttu is one of the most famous breakfast dishes in kerala (southern part of India). Its one of my favorite too. Its been a very long time since I had tasted puttu. Now that my Mother-In-law is here visiting us. she made this for us. I always thought puttu can be made only with puttu kutti (puttu maker). I’ve now learnt how to make this without the help of a tool and with simple kitchen items. Its a very easy breakfast to make and could be served at short notice. It’ll serve as a healthy eat as well as take care of the sweet tooth.

I am sending this to EasyCrafts “Think cardamom event”


  • Raw Rice : 2 cups
  • Shredded Coconut: 1/2 cup
  • Elachi powder/ cardamom powder : 1 tsp
  • sugar : 1/4 cup ( according to your sweet level)
  • salt : 2 tsp
  • water : To sprinkle



Method of Preparation:

  1. Soak the rice for three hours.
  2. Andleave it in a strainer and let it drain or if u have a thin cloth spread the rice in it or spread it in a plate.
  3. when its dry grind them in a mixer into a fine powder.
  4. Heat the powder in a pan for 5 minutes and keep stirring it while its heating.
  5. Cool the fried powder.
  6. Now add salt in some hot water .
  7. Sprinkle this water into the rice powder and gently fold the rice ( don’t add lots of water ).
  8. Make sure the rice is in powder form and not in dough .
  9. Now steam the rice flour in idli cooker ( put a thin muslin cloth in the idli cooker plate and put the rice flour in it).or you can use puttumaker instead of idli plates.
  10. After that its done remove from heat and transfer it to a bowl.
  11. Add sugar, shredded coconut and elachi/cardamom powder and mix it well.
  12. Serve it hot.



You can also use puttumaker for making this. Or If you don’t have one after everything is done, fill a measuring cup full of puttu and make a mould of it like in the picture above to make it look good. Garnish with some shredded coconut , cardamom and saffron.


  1. Puttu is a favourite with me too…..

  2. Shriya..Puttu is so pretty…Learn a lot From Your MIL..

  3. Wow…this looks delicious.Your pics are great too.

  4. Shriya,send me some.I really love puttu a lot.your’s looks so good.

  5. i also make sweet putuu with cardamam but i add jaggery instead of sugar…urs loks really delicious …great entry!!!

  6. Thanks for participating in the event with this delicious puttu

  7. Looks beautiful ur puttu shriya, thanks to share this wonderful recipe 🙂

  8. Puttu is my favorite too.I made it recently but without the puttumaker as I didnt have one..

  9. looks good…never had this before.

  10. That just looks lovely!

  11. i still haven’t had courage to make puttu from scratch. urs look just wonderfully delicious.

  12. I love Puttu too 😀 Sugar + Coconut + Puttu = woah! 😀

  13. Never heard of Puttu, but it looks yummmy!!


  14. I’ve seen this before, it always looks so tasty… I would love to try it!

  15. lavi thanks and sure I’ll learn a lot with my MIL and share with you all.

    Jayashree thanks for your lovely comment.

    Homecooked, shri, siri and cham thanks for your precious comments.

    I am glad to participate in your event easycrafts.

    I haven’t tasted jaggery added puttu ranji. But I love jaggery must have tastes really good. Next time I’ll try adding it.

    Thanks for sharing your comments here trupti, uma, divyavikram and sia.

    Welcome to spicy tasty Shankar Ganesh. Thanks for visting my blog. Good to see you here.

    It is one tasty dish meeso. sure you will like it.

  16. shriya, i have always wanted t o make puttu…ur puttu looks so yummy….:)

  17. Hi shriya, u sure have a style of presenting ur dishes! try this when u r steaming the rice…mix a little shredded coconut and cardamom powder with the flour before steaming it and if u like it rich then add a little coconut milk when mixing the flour…

  18. Hey aartee thanks a lot for your appreciation. Love to try your tips next time. Thanks for sharing it here.

  19. Hey lovely recipe and gorgeous blog dear……you ahve a surprise in my blog… visit…:):)

  20. In Indonesia puttu has always been my personal snacks. Back here in indonesia they are sold by travelling cart and the puttu is molded with a small bamboo stick.

  21. do you know about puttu powder?

  22. Hi! Shriya:

    May I know if it is possible that raw powdery-white fine rice flour bought from local groceries could be directly put or cooked in the steamer using 3-inches diameter tart mould? I mean is the rice flour can be cooked directly to the steamer without the need of being it mixed with water or any liquid?

    If so, what ingredients or powdery safe chemicals do I need to put or mix in the rice flour so that it can be easily cooked/done in less than a minute when directly place in my conventional steamer, without the need of soaking it in any liquid, like: water, milk, or coconut water?

    I hope to received a reply from you, soon.

    Thank you very much.


  23. i like puttu ,i am very eager to known how it should be made more attractive to stimulate taste buds.thanks for ur support.

  24. Hai………..Rice Cake(Puttu) its a tasty food for me……..with mutton curry……….

  25. yummy puttu.. My favourite breakfast item


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