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Spinach Rice/Palak Pulao

I like Spinach a lot. I usually make kootu or some curry with spinach.I thought I could try this spinach rice for a change. I liked it a lot and it is easy to prepare too. Easy tasty lunch box menu 🙂

Preparation time:40 minutes
No of Servings: 2
Spice level: 3 out of 5

  • Basmathi rice-1 cup
  • Spinach-2 cups(chopped)
  • Onions-1 cup(finely chopped)
  • Bay leaves-2
  • Cumin seeds-1 tsp
  • Ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp
  • Green chillies-2(slit lengthwise)
  • Coriander-1/2 cup(Grind it to paste)
  • Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
  • Red chilli powder-1 tsp(according to spice level)
  • Coriander powder-2 tsp
  • Garam masala-1/2 tsp
  • Paneer-1/2 cup(fried)(optional)
  • Peas-1/4 cup(optional)
  • Oil-1 tbsp
  • Ghee-1 tbsp
Method of Preparation:
  1. Soak the basmathi rice for 20 minutes and drain it.
  2. Heat ghee in a pan and fry it for 3-4 minutes and keep it aside.
  3. Heat oil in a pan then add the bay leaves and cumin seeds.
  4. Then add the green chillies followed by the onions and salt.
  5. Fry till they become translucent and add the ginger garlic paste.
  6. Toss it for 2 minutes and add the chopped spinach.
  7. Then add the turmeric, red chilli powder and coriander powder.
  8. Then add the paneer and peas.
  9. Fry them till the spinach becomes soft and finally add the garam masala and fry for 2 minutes.
  10. Add this mixture to the rice and add 1 1/2 cup of water and keep it in a rice cooker.
  11. Serve hot with raitha or chips.


  1. Delicous looking rice and i love the addition of paneer in them.

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  5. Arthi,

    Spinach rice looks really nice. Healthy one too.

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  34. I love to experiment with spinach. Spinach rice looks delicious and healthy too
    Thanks dear for dropping by my blog and leaving wonderful comment. I’m glad to be here. Would love to see you again at Hamaree Rasoi

  35. spinach rice looks great and definitely healthy too!!

  36. Dear all, Thanks for your valuable comments.very encouraging!!
    @Susan:I ve used fried paneer.I ve added them after adding the masalas(step 8).

  37. yummy looking dish! just one query – how much time does it take to cook if cooked in a pressure cooker instead of a rice cooker? can it be cooked in any other dish as well?

    • Hi Daya,
      Thanks a lot Daya. It will take atleast 30 minutes if you use pressure cooker. Just pressure cook for one whistle and remove from the heat and use either pressure cooker or rice cooker. Sorry for the delayed reply Daya..