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Chickpeas Sundal / Kondai Kadalai Sundal

Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Appetizers, Diwali Recipes, Featured, Indian Festival, Navratri Recipes, Veggie Entrees & Sides, Vinayagar Chaturthi | 9 comments

Navarathri is a festival that is celebrated for nine days.  In this festival we will arrange different idols on steps called Golu. On these nine days we will make different sundal on each day. Generally the procedure for making any sundal is same.  Here is the recipe for the chickpeas sundal. Time of Preparation : 20 minutes Spice level : 3 No of Servings : 2 Ingredients: Chickpeas – 1/2 cup Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Salt – to taste For Seasoning: Oil – 2 tbsp Mustard seeds – 1 tsp Urad dal – 2 tbsp Asafoetida – a pinch Green chillies – 2 (finely chopped) Red chillies – 2 Curry leaves – a few Coconut – 1 tbsp (shredded) Method of Preparation: Soak the chickpeas for 6 to 7 hrs or soak them in hot water for 2...

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German Chocolate Cake

Posted by on Oct 3, 2011 in Baking, Cookies and Cakes, Desserts, Featured | 10 comments

I am a huge fan of Homemade Cakes and often try my hand at baking different cakes until now I never got  a chance to take pictures and  write down the recipe. Our little bundle of joy  vinay just turned 6 months old and I wanted to celebrate it with a cake. Instead of buying from our favorite German Chocolate  cake from a local restaurant (Dusty’s Cellar) I figured may be i’ll make it for him with my own hands and lots of mommy love. German Chocolate cake is a layered cake with coconut and Pecan filling and bittersweet chocolate icing. It came out really good and everyone enjoyed it. Ingredients: For the Filling: Condensed Milk : 1 can Vanilla : 1 tsp Butter : 1 stick Egg Yolks : 4 Shredded Coconut : 2 cups (I’ve used dry...

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Puliyodharai Mix and Puli Sadam (Tamarind Rice)

Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Featured, Rice dishes, Veggie Entrees & Sides | 12 comments

Puliyodharai is a famous food in South India. This food is cooked for all good occasions and during festive days. It is considered to be a good stimulant for a dead tongue. Here is the recipe for puliyodharai mix and with that we can prepare Tamarind Rice and Tamarind Idiyappam. Time of Preparation : 25  minutes Spice level : 4 Ingredients: Tamarind – Big lemon size Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Sesame oil – to taste Salt – to taste To Grind: Red Chillies – 4 Channa dal / Split Bengal gram dal – 2 tbsp Coriander seeds – 2 tbsp Sesame seeds – 1 tsp Fenugreek Seeds – 3/4 tsp Oil (for frying) – 1 tsp For Seasoning: Oil – 2 tbsp Mustard seeds – 2 tsp Channa dal – 2 tbsp Split urad dal – 1 tbsp...

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Milagai Chutney / Spicy Red Chilly Chutney

Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Breakfast Menu, Featured | 16 comments

This Red chilly chutney is for those who want a real spicy chutney. This is my mother-in-law’s special chutney. When I had this for the first time I had this with a spoon of sesame oil. I love this chutney especially with hot idlis.:) Time of Preparation : 30 minutes Spice level : 5 out of 5 No of Servings : 3 to 4 Ingredients: Pearl onions / Shallots – 1 and 1/4 cup Tomato – 3/4 cup (chopped) Garlic – 8 cloves Red chillies – 10 Sesame oil – 4 tbsp Salt – to taste Mustard seeds – 1/4 tsp Asafoetida – a pinch Curry leaves – a few Method of Preparation: Grind the red chillies followed by the shallots and garlic coarsely. Add tomatoes and salt and grind coarsely. Heat 3 tbsp of oil in a deep...

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Kuska Biriyani

Posted by on Sep 21, 2011 in Featured, Rice dishes | 16 comments

My husband is a huge fan of Kuska Biriyani and I wanted to make it for him. Kuska is cooked only with onions and tomatoes without any veggies or meat. For the flavor of non veg we can add chicken broth and mutton masala powder for extra spice. For vegetarians, we can add vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. The biriyani tasted spicy and delicious and my husband loved it :). Time of Preparation : 30 minutes Spice level : 5 No of Servings : 1 to 2 Ingredients: Basmathi rice – 1 cup Chicken broth / Vegetable broth – 1 cup Water – 3/4 cup Onion (large) – 1 (finely chopped) Tomato (large) – 1 (finely chopped) Ginger garlic paste – 2 tsp Green chillies – 4 Red chilli powder – 1 tsp Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp...

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Strawberry Vanilla Cake

Posted by on Sep 19, 2011 in Baking, Cookies and Cakes, Desserts, Featured | 21 comments

I have made a Strawberry Vanilla Cake with a vanilla flavored base cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. And I made this cake for our dear friend Sajana and Robin. It came out really good and everyone loved it. I have a couple of important tips for you to bake a perfect cake and decorate it. How to keep my cake from crumbling? Right oven temperature is important. Do not bake for too long. You can add an extra egg to make it firm. Adding gelatin works. How to avoid runny whipped cream? Add some gelatin or agar agar to your whipped cream to make it firm. Instructions are below. Keep it refrigerated all the time. Hope you enjoy this cake. Here you go… Preparation time: 2 and 1/2 hours (including cooling period of cake) No. of servings: 9″...

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Stuffed Bread Rolls

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Appetizers, Featured | 23 comments

My friends visited my place for the long weekend. I got two packets of bread which I did not use. I did not want to waste them. One of my friends make bread rolls often. So I tried these bread rolls and they are as tasty as cutlets. They are really a wonderful snack with tea :). Time of Preparation : 45 minutes Spice level : 4 Number of pieces : 20 Ingredients: Bread – 20 slices Potato (medium size) – 4 (boiled and mashed) Peas – 1/2 cup (boiled) (optional) Onion (medium size) – 1 (finely chopped) Green chillies -4 (finely chopped) Garlic – 3 cloves (finely chopped) Ginger – 1 tbsp (grated) Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp Sambar powder – 1 tsp (adjust according to spice level) Red chilli powder – 1 tsp Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp...

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Pita Veggie Sandwich

Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in Featured, Multi Cuisine, Sandwiches | 17 comments

From Wikipedia: Pita is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. It is prevalent from the Balkans through Greece, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula and Turkey. The “pocket” in pita bread is created by steam, which puffs up the dough. As the bread cools and flattens, a pocket is left in the middle. When it comes to sandwich, pita bread is one of my favorite bread. The sandwich looks scrumptious with their pockets filled with veggies and sauces. Along with vegetables, you can also add potato fries or falafel or veggie patties. Use your imagination and fill your sandwich. Just like the filling, you can use your favorite sauce. This can be quickly prepared and so is apt for dinner or when you want to have a lite meal. Here you go… Preparation...

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Indian Yellow Cucumber Curry / Dosakaya Dal

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Featured, Veggie Entrees & Sides | 16 comments

I got this yellow cucumber from one of my friends. It was there in my refrigerator for a long time. I wondered what to make and my sister gave the idea of making dal with that. It is very simple to make but it is too good with chapati as well as rice. Time of Preparation : 30 minutes Spice level – 3 No of Servings – 2 to 3 Ingredients: Indian yellow cucumber (medium size) – 1 (chopped) Onion (medium size) – 1 (finely chopped) Tomato – 1(chopped) Green chillies – 4 (slitted lengthwise) Garlic – 4 cloves (crushed) Ginger (finely chopped) – 1 tbsp Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Toor dal / Red gram lentil – 1/2 cup Oil – 2 tbsp Salt – to taste For Seasoning: Oil – 2 tsp Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp...

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Palada Pradhaman – Rice Flakes Kheer

Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in Desserts, Featured, Indian Festival, Onam and Vishu, Vinayagar Chaturthi | 9 comments

Palada Pradhaman is a popular dessert dish from Kerala, South India. It is prepared with rice flakes, milk and sugar. This pradhaman is made for festivals and special occasions such as Onam, Vishu and weddings. I have used the readymade rice flakes available in stores. A detailed procedure for making homemade ada is given here. There is another traditional version of this dish known as Ada Pradhaman which is also prepared using the same “ada” or rice flakes but with jaggery and coconut milk instead of milk and sugar. This recipe with rice and sugar is easy to follow and not time consuming. Try this delicious pradhaman for Onam festival or any special occasions and enjoy with your family. Ingredients: Palada or rice ada – 1/3 cup Whole milk – 4 cup Sugar – 1 cup (adjust to taste) Cardamom –...

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Breakfast Korma

Posted by on Sep 1, 2011 in Breakfast Menu, Featured, Veggie Entrees & Sides | 19 comments

My mother-in-law makes some unique dishes which will be very tasty. This is one of that kind. This korma is made from the black chickpea stock. The stickiness from the chickpea stock gives taste to the korma. My mother-in-law said that it will be good with idly. I guess it will be good with chapati too. Time of Preparation : 45 minutes Spice level : 4 No of Servings : 3 Ingredients: Black Chick pea / Kala Chana – 200g Onion (medium size) – 1 (finely chopped) Tomato – 1 Green chillies – 4 (slit lengthwise) Garlic – 4 cloves Ginger – 1 tbsp Coconut – 1/3 cup Split dalia – 2 tbsp Black pepper – 1 tsp Fennel seeds – 2 tsp Bay leaves – 1 Cinnamon stick – 1″ Cloves – 2 Sambar powder – 1 tsp...

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Inippu Appam – Fried Sweet Pancakes

Posted by on Aug 26, 2011 in Desserts, Diwali Recipes, Featured, Indian Festival | 8 comments

Appam is a known dish in Tamilnadu. There are different versions of appam and this is very simple version which we make during festivals or special occasions. I recently made it for Krishna Jayanthi and it came out well. I have use all purpose flour or maida. You can also substitute it with wheat flour. Here you go… Preparation time (including batter preparation): 90 minutes No. of servings: 15 appams Ingredients: All purpose flour or Maida – 1 cup Jaggery – 1/2 cup Coconut bits – 2 tbsp (optional) Cardamom – 3 pods Oil for frying Water Method of Preparation: In a small thick bottomed pan or kadai over medium high heat, add powdered jaggery and a little water till jaggery is completely soaked. Once jaggery melts, remove from heat and filter it to get rid off any dirts. Again...

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Bagara Baingan

Posted by on Aug 24, 2011 in Featured, Veggie Entrees & Sides | 10 comments

Bagara Baingan is a simple and delicious recipe. Usually if I buy Eggplants, I will make Ennai kathrikkai. This time I wanted to try something different and I made this Bagara Baingan. It came out really good. This goes well with roti, Biryani… Time of Preparation : 40 minutes Spice level : 4 No of Servings : 2 to 3 Ingredients: Small Brinjals – 6 (slitted into 4 halves till the middle) Onion (medium size) (finely chopped) – 1 Cumin seeds -1/2 tsp Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp Coriander powder – 2 tsp Cumin powder – 1/2 tsp Red chilli powder – 1 tsp (according to spice level) Garam masala – 1/2 tsp Tamarind – Pebble size Salt – to taste Oil – For shallow frying the brinjals Coriander leaves – For garnishing...

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Peerkangai thogayal – Ridge Gourd Chutney

Posted by on Aug 22, 2011 in Chutneys, Featured, Veggie Entrees & Sides | 12 comments

Peerkangai thogayal or Ridge gourd chutney is a simple and delicious side which can be served along with plain white rice and papad or you can serve it as a side to rasam or sambar or curd rice. I have always thought it is tough to cut and cook this vegetable until recently when I tried it for the first time. When I made this dish I was surprised to see the less quantity of chutney. I used one big ridge gourd which can serve two. You can also use the skin of this vegetable and make a delicious chutney, Peerkangai thol thogayal (Ridge gourd peel chutney). Preparation time: 30 minutes No. of servings: 2 Spice level: 3 out of 5 Ingredients: Big ridge gourd – 1 Sesame oil – 2 tsp Urad dal – 1 tsp Dry red chilies...

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Snake Gourd Fritters / Pudalangai Varuval

Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in Appetizers, Featured | 9 comments

When I was a kid I used to have snake gourd only in this form..It is a easy and yummy snack. I like to add little ajwain in this as it has so much of medicinal value and gives a wonderful flavor. Ingredients: Snake Gourd – 2 cups (thinly sliced) Besan Flour – 2 cups Rice Flour – 1 cup Red Chilli Powder – 3 tsp (according to spice level) Salt – to taste Ajwain Seeds -2 tsp Oil – for frying Method of Preparation: Cut the snake gourd to thin round slices and keep it aside. Mix the besan flour, rice flour, red chilli powder, salt and ajwain seeds with water and make a thick paste. Heat oil in a wide vessel. Dip the sliced snake gourd pieces in the batter and deep fry till they become golden...

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Carrot Pachadi – Carrot Salad

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in Featured, Salads, Veggie Entrees & Sides | 19 comments

Pachadi is a South Indian dish which has different definitions among different South India regions. In Tamilnadu, generally pachadi is made from fresh vegetables like carrot, cucumber, mango, etc along with green chilies and seasoned with mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves. Sometimes coconut is also added. Today I have made carrot pachadi or salad which is very simple and tasty. You can serve it along with rice and sambar (lentil curry) or rasam. When you want to make a simple and healthy side for the sambar or rasam, you can count on this. Here you go… Ingredients: Carrots – 6 Yogurt – 1 1/2 cup Oil – 1 tsp Mustard seeds – 1 tsp Urad dal – 1 tsp Green chilies – 2 Curry leaves – 6 to 7 leaves Method of Preparation: Peel the outer skin...

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Mutton Korma – Lamb Curry

Posted by on Aug 11, 2011 in Featured, Meat & Seafood Entrees, Mutton Dishes | 22 comments

I recently was inspired by this Mutton Korma recipe from my sister-in-law, Jai over at Tasty Appetite. We bought some mutton last week and I wanted to try this recipe Guess what? It turned out simply superb and we enjoyed it with Idlies and chappathis. You can make this mutton curry in an hour and it is indeed pretty simple to make. Preparation Time : 60 minutes Spice level : 4 out of 5 No of servings : 3-5 Ingredients: Mutton/Lamb : 750gm Onion : 2 (medium) Tomato : 3 Cloves : 3 Cinnamon : 1″ cardamom : 2 Fennel seeds : 11/2 tsp Cumin seeds : 1/2 tsp Bay Leaves : 1 Curry leaves : 7-8 Ginger & Garlic paste : 2 tbsp Yogurt : 1/4 cup Coconut pieces : 1/2 cup Turmeric powder : 1/4 tsp Red...

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Tres Leches Cake

Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Baking, Cookies and Cakes, Desserts, Featured | 16 comments

A tres leches cake, or pastel tres leches, is a sponge cake soaked in three different kinds of milk. This cake is popular in Latin America. It is really a delicious dessert and we can add Dulce de leche and it is called Cuatro leches (four milk) cake. Thanks to my friend Pari who made this cake for us. OMG!! Believe me it is “The Best”..It is really very simple and very easy to make. Try this dessert and you will die for this :). Time of Preparation : 1 hr 15 minutes + overnight refrigeration No of Servings : 20 Ingredients: For the cake : All purpose flour (Maida) – 2 cups Baking powder – 1 1/2 tsp Salt – 1/2 tsp Sugar – 1 1/2 cup Eggs – 4 Vanilla Extract – 1 1/2 tsp Skimmed Milk...

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